What is Anglicanism?

Anglicanism is a movement of Christians from around the world that began in England in the 15th century and has grown rapidly in the last 100 years.Its roots are in the Reformation, when Englishmen sought to break with the Catholic Church.The term Anglicanism has now come to mean any religion that has been Anglican forRead More

The Lad teacher job interview

Teachers in evangelical churches across the United States face a difficult decision: choose between teaching the faith or not teaching the religion.In recent years, the stakes have grown higher as evangelical churches have faced backlash for declining to teach same-sex marriage, abortion, and birth control.But while these policies can seem like theologically progressive moves, theyRead More

What do you know about the deuteronomic theory?

Fox News: A new book by theologians from the Deuteronomistic Institute, a think tank in Philadelphia, offers some answers to the many questions that many readers have about the doctrine of the Trinity.The new book, titled God, Man and the Bible, was published this week by Oxford University Press.The authors of the book have aRead More

How to get out of your comfort zone

On a Sunday morning in January, I wake up with a rush of energy.My stomach is pounding, my eyes are red and I have an uncontrollable urge to run.I feel like a toddler running through a candy store.My mind is racing, I’m not really in a place to process my thoughts, I feel disconnected fromRead More

Which churches do you pray for?

Catholic churches in the United States are not exempt from the church’s strictures against homosexuality and transgenderism.That’s because, according to the denomination’s doctrinal guidance, churches are required to “protect and promote the dignity and worth of the human person”.The guidance also states that homosexual acts are a “disorder” and that gay people are “sinners” whoRead More

How to Be a Christian in the Age of Trump

Covington University theologian Drew Thomas wrote a book called How to be a Christian: What a Christian Should Be and How to Lead a Christian Life.He is the author of the book The Good News of the Gospel: How to Love Our Neighbor and to Love God in Our Life.Thomas, who is also the directorRead More