Why the graduate theological foundations of the church need reform

The theological foundations and teaching of the Catholic Church need to be reformed, says a report by the graduate theologian, Francis Boyle, the director of the Graduate Seminary of Theology and Theology at Cambridge University.

In his paper entitled “A theological foundation of the Church?”, Mr Boyle says the church has been built upon the teaching of a single, dominant theological view and, through it, has developed its doctrines.

The report comes amid an increasingly acrimonious dispute between the Church of England and its bishops over how to reconcile the views of Pope Francis and the Church’s own teachings.

The Catholic Church is in a state of civil war, Mr Boyle said, with the pope and the bishops arguing over how the Church should proceed with the teaching on abortion and the ordination of women.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) have been criticised for their “biblical” teachings about the relationship between the body and the soul and their support for abortion.

The pope has been in direct conflict with bishops from the Anglican Church, the Anglicans who comprise the Catholic and Protestant churches, over what he calls the church’s “fundamentalist” teachings.

Mr Boyle’s paper, which is due to be published in the British Journal of Theological Studies, also criticises the Church for failing to respond to the “increasingly acute crisis of global poverty” caused by climate change.

“The world is facing a crisis of inequality,” he wrote.

“And there is no way to stop it unless the Church is given a decisive voice in the international community to tackle this challenge.”

It was the second time in three months that the pope has issued a direct threat to the bishops.

In August, he accused the bishops of failing to address the issue of abortion.

Mr Boylan has also warned that the church is under pressure from its leaders to adopt “fundamentally radically new ways of thinking about the nature of God” and that the current model of faith, which focuses on the Bible, is not working.

Mr Pope, a former Jesuit priest and theologian who became the first pope in the Catholic church to be canonised in 2016, has been a vocal critic of the current “fundmentalism” in Catholic teaching.

The cardinal recently called for the Church to “dissolve” its traditional view of God, which he has said is based on faith and morals rather than Scripture.

“We are not here to defend the doctrine of the Trinity.

We are here to say that it is not only the wrong way of thinking, but it is also a serious threat to our faith,” he said.