‘Aristotle’s ‘faulty’ view of human dignity’ says pope

An Italian theologian says Pope Francis “has failed” in his claim that “human dignity is the highest value.”

In a Nov. 6 sermon, Father Giuseppe DiClemente called Pope Francis’ “faulted” view of the dignity of human beings “a false view” and said that the Pope “has a lot of problems.”

“If this is true, how do we say that we want to protect human dignity?”

DiClerge asked during a lecture at the Pontifical Catholic University of Minato.

“The pope says that human dignity is ‘a duty.'”

“He says that we have the duty to protect our dignity.

It’s not that we’ve abandoned it, but that we should respect it,” DiClede said.

The Vatican has been under fire over the past few weeks over a spate of high-profile Vatican officials who have been caught in a sexual misconduct scandal.

Francis has said he is not aware of the allegations against him, but the Vatican has refused to respond to several calls for his resignation.

DiCletiere, who is an associate professor of theology at the Jesuit School of Theology in Rome, said Francis’ remarks about human dignity were “a lie” and called on him to apologize.

The Pope “did not know about the accusations against him,” DiCatliere told a news conference at the Vatican.

“It’s a lie that he doesn’t know about it.”

“It’s the same with the Pope’s attitude toward human dignity,” DiCaldera said, adding that the pontiff “has no concern about the dignity and humanity of his people.

That’s what he doesn, and he doesn and he will do what he needs to do.”

DiClergie said that Pope Francis has “made a lot more than his reputation in recent months.”

The Pope has spoken about the need for human dignity, DiCatlerea said, calling his recent remarks about the rights of the poor “deeply troubling.”

“His words are not new.

They are his words.

He speaks about the right of the impoverished to dignity and to respect, and in this he seems to be a reflection of the poverty of his own people,” DiCarlo said.

DiClementes remarks, DiClyen said, were “deep and dangerous.”

“We have no hope of reconciliation between those who want to see the Church be the one that will protect and defend human dignity and who want the Pope to be an example of the way to bring about change in the Church,” DiCs words were quoted as saying by The Associated Press.

The AP has not independently verified DiClements claims.

DiCatleres comments came as Francis, in his Nov. 9 sermon, warned that human beings are “in a crisis” because of a “widespread lack of concern for the dignity, the humanity and the integrity of others.”

“There is a general and deep fear of others,” Francis said.

We cannot expect them to live a world of peace and brotherhood. “

We cannot expect our children to live in a world where every day they are asked to respect others’ dignity and rights.

We cannot expect them to live a world of peace and brotherhood.

We have to work harder to create a world that will respect human dignity.”

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