How one young woman is turning into a biblical hero for her own generation

A mother who’s become a Bible scholar has inspired the creation of a biblical character in her own life.

Krista Daley is a junior at the Erskine Seminary in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Her story has been shared on social media by hundreds of thousands of people.

Kristan O’Brien, Krista Dales mother, said her daughter was inspired to become a biblical scholar after she was struck by a lightning strike and lost a leg.

“She really did believe that the Bible was the only way to know God,” O’Brian said.

“She had this vision that if we could just put this stuff in the Bible, we would know God.”

O’Brien said Krista, who was diagnosed with ALS last year, began studying the Bible in her 20s.

Her goal is to create a character, a fictional character, that people can relate to and understand, said O’Briens mother, who’s also the executive director of the ESS Institute for Creation Studies, a non-profit that focuses on the study of biblical texts.

Kristalene Daley, the first in her family to graduate from high school, is a senior at the EDS and is currently completing her undergraduate degree.

She’s a majoring in psychology and is studying her love of sports.

“I feel like she’s a little bit like me,” O.

Brians mother said.

“A little bit of me,” Kristan Oates said.

Kristin Oates, 17, was struck and killed by lightning in January.

She is the first person to be killed by a large bolt of lightning in her life.

She was a senior in high school.

Her mother said the family believes her story will be a catalyst for people to understand what life is like in America today.

“It will inspire them to do something positive with their lives and to find joy and fulfillment in their life and that’s what we want for all of our kids,” Oates mother said.

“It’s just such a humbling experience for me and my family,” Krista said.

She is the subject of a short movie that was made by the EFS Institute for creation studies, called “God’s Greatest Heroes,” and has received a number of awards and accolades, including an Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Short Program for her work.

The story has also been shared thousands of times on Facebook.

O’Daly says she’s received many compliments on her work and has even received letters of support from people across the country.

Oates mother says Krista is a true inspiration to her son, who has a special place in her heart.

“Krista’s just a person who loves the Bible and is so passionate about it,” Oats mother said, “and I think it’s so cool that her life and hers has changed the way that we relate to God and to the Bible.”

Krista is also the first Christian student in her class to graduate.

O’Dales mother said she and Krista are trying to keep up with all of her classmates, including some who are new to studying the bible.

“They’re coming in every day and they’re learning how to read, they’re writing, they have some amazing stories and they want to know more about the Bible,” O Dales said.

O Dales hopes that her son’s story will inspire people to find the joy in life, whether it’s finding love in God or just living a happy, fulfilling life.