How to make your own Jesus story

The Christian writer, theologian and writer, Dalton Thomas, has a unique way of creating a fictional story.

For one, Thomas is not an atheist.

He does not believe that God exists and that he created us, but he does not deny the existence of God.

Thomas is also not a believer.

He doesn’t believe in the existence or the power of God, and he believes in the authority of the Bible.

But he doesn’t deny the authority and value of Jesus Christ.

Thomas wrote in his book, The Life of Jesus, that there are a lot of things in life that we can and should do differently.

One such thing is to follow Jesus in every aspect of our lives.

Thomas, a writer, journalist and theologian, is one of the most prolific writers in American literature and the most widely published American theologian.

Thomas first came to prominence in the 1960s, when he wrote about religion in the New York Times Magazine and later in the Washington Post.

In The Life Of Jesus, Thomas describes how Jesus was born and raised, as well as the life he lived after death.

The book has a timeless quality that resonates with the modern audience, which Thomas says is largely atheist and agnostic.

It’s an attempt to create a story about Jesus that is both authentic and timeless.

I think that’s the story that people want to hear.

Thomas said that one of his main motivations for writing the book was to make a statement about what we should do in the future.

Thomas told me that he believes that the world is on the brink of a great religious and spiritual awakening.

In this world, Thomas said, the church will be the most powerful force on the planet.

And we should not let that happen, because the world can’t survive without the church.

I’m not saying that the church is going to take over the world, but I do believe that people who are truly interested in the gospel are going to be drawn to the church, and they’re going to follow the church in all its glory.

But it’s not going to just be people who follow Jesus.

It is going, you know, the most influential and influential people in this world who will make that happen.

In the book, Thomas explains that he is not writing a book about Christianity, but about how we can live the life that Jesus lived.

Thomas believes that God has been creating people for a long time, so we should be aware of that fact.

But Jesus wasn’t the first man to come to earth, he’s the first to walk on the moon, and the first one to be buried alive.

And that’s all that Jesus did was go to Earth and then be buried on that day.

In that way, Thomas believes we need to learn how to live in a world that is not the world that God created.

I don’t think we have a world to come back to. And I don