When will the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations begin?

On Wednesday night, Pope Francis will celebrate St. Peter’s Day in St. Petersburg, Russia, a week after he will also celebrate Sts.

Peter and Paul’s Day.

The pontiff will then celebrate St Patrick’s day in Rome, the same day that St. Valentine’s Day is held. 

However, there are some things that have been left unclear. 

The pope has said that the celebration of St. Patty’s Day will start at the end of April, and there are rumors that the celebrations will start as early as next week.

However, the pope also said in his first public remarks about St. Valentines Day, that the date for St. Pattises Day was not fixed yet, and he has said he would not start the celebrations until the time came. 

But, according to a report by CNN, Pope Francesco had said earlier in the week that the dates for Sts Patricks Day and St Patty’s would be announced at the beginning of April. 

So, what can we expect? 

The St. Patricks day celebrations will be held on April 18, the last day of Lent. 

In addition, St. Joseph’s Day and Easter will also be celebrated in March, and St. Thomas Day will be celebrated on May 11. 

St. Valentine will also hold a feast in April, although there are no official plans yet for the feast. 

Meanwhile, St Pattys day will be in full swing on March 11.