Ben Courson: “I’m an atheist. I’m a Christian. I believe in Jesus. I have a biblical worldview.”

MSNBC:  “You know what?

That’s not the question.

It’s the question you ask me every day.”

Ben Courson is the pastor of a Baptist church in the Dallas area.

The church has been a beacon for atheists and people of faith throughout the country.

He said the only difference is he is not a Christian, which is not surprising given his background.

“I am not a follower of any particular religion, but I believe that Jesus is the Christ,” he said.

“It is the Christian message that I am not trying to hide from, because I believe it,” Courson said. 

He was asked if he believes in God, but he replied, “I am an atheist.”

“I don’t believe in a God, I don’t know how to call God, God doesn’t have a name, and I don to understand what it is.

But I believe the word of God, and that’s the one I am a Christian and that is the one God calls me to.” 

“I know that God loves us, but He wants us to know that He has a plan for our salvation.

And I believe this is the way He is going to do it.” 

He added that there are some things in this world that can be changed.

“There is a lot of suffering, and we need to stop thinking about it.

But we can do this, and the Bible says, ‘I will not let you go down to the lowest depths of hell.

I will not allow you to be cast down to this lower realm.

I am going to send you to heaven, so be thankful for that.'”

He said he believes the Bible was written by God, so he believes it is God who wrote the Bible.

“But I also believe that if I was to be sent to hell for my actions, I would not be saved,” he added. 

Courson said that he believes that his church and the teachings of his pastor are correct.

“I do believe the Bible is the truth.

I think the Bible tells us the truth about Jesus, the gospel, and he is the true, living Christ,” Coursons pastor said.

 The pastor of The Church of the Nazarene, a Baptist denomination, was also asked if the Bible would be his bible.

“Yes, absolutely,” Coursson replied.

He said the Bible will guide him in every decision he makes in life.

“If I make a decision to go out and be a fighter, and if I go out to be a father, I believe God has the plan for me and I believe he is going the right way,” he continued.

This story was produced by WTXF-TV’s Ben Golliver.