Wesleyan theologian: ‘We can’t let the apocalypse happen’

Wesleyan University theologian Wesleyan College’s dean of theology, David R. Allen, said the world would be better off if God does not return in the coming decades.

Allen told “Good Morning America” that if God returns in the next 10 years, there will be “an apocalypse” and it will not be God’s fault.

He also said if people don’t want to be responsible for what happens in the future, they should not live in a world that has the same problems that we had in the past.

Allen is the only person to have served on the board of directors of the conservative think tank the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.

We are not here to condemn God.

We are here to talk about what we can do to help.

Allen said if there is no God, it is better to stay where you are.

Allen said he doesn’t believe that God will return but he does believe that there are things that he could do differently.

He said that God has the right to do what he wants, but we must understand that he is in charge.

Allen said the Christian community should work together to prevent God from returning.

Allen, who is also the dean of Wesleyan’s College of Arts and Sciences, is not the first evangelical theologian to speak out against the apocalyptic prophesy.

In March, the Christian Science Monitor reported that American evangelical theologians have expressed concern over the apocalyptic predictions that have been made over the last few years.

Allen was not immediately available for comment.