Can a dog be divine?

A dog is a divine creature, according to Anglican theologian, Dr Richard Williams.

Theological Dictionary,Dogmatic Dictionary source ABC Sports (AU,NSW) title What are the four dogmas of the Christian faith?

article Dogmas are the doctrines of Christianity.

They are the teaching that a person is good or evil, that Jesus is God, that the Holy Spirit intervenes between two people and that Jesus died on the cross for the sins of mankind.

But Dr Williams says that, for most people, the dogmas are not what they seem.

“Dogmas are things that people hold on to, they hold on in their head and they hold onto as a part of their faith,” he said.

Dr Williams said dogmas can be found in scripture, such as the Ten Commandments, as well as in ancient Greek and Latin texts.

He said, for the most part, dogmas were not necessarily universal truths, but the dogmatics of Christianity are.

Dogmatics can be based on science, scripture, or the history of humanity.

Dr Williams said they were not universal truths because of the “spirit of the times”.

“In this age, we have a much more sophisticated understanding of how the universe works, and so we’re looking at a lot of things in a very different way,” he explained.

It was the rise of the Church, for example, that brought dogmatism into the mainstream, Dr Williams added.

Many dogmas have been put into place, such the Trinity, the divinity of Jesus, and the Holy Ghost.

Dr Williams is an expert in dogmatisms and theology.

He has authored over 60 books on dogmaticism, and has lectured extensively about dogmatistics at university and university-based conferences around Australia.

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