Catholic school, Christian school fight for funding

Catholic schools in Tennessee are pushing back against a state takeover of their classrooms.

The state’s Board of Education has passed a bill to make Catholic schools a separate entity from the public schools, which could lead to the loss of funding for all public schools.

The new law is part of a sweeping reorganization of the Tennessee Department of Education, which took effect in April.

The governor signed the legislation in the midst of the Great Tennessee State Fair, which was being held at the state Capitol.

It passed with bipartisan support and has been praised by the American Civil Liberties Union and other organizations.

The school board is seeking funding for $50 million in the 2017-18 school year.

The ACLU of Tennessee said the state will lose $6 million in federal funding for a program that helps schools teach about issues such as gun violence and sexual orientation.

The legislature approved the bill this week after receiving bipartisan support.

State Sen. David Carter, D-Milledgeville, said he is not opposed to private schools, but the state is trying to “take over the education of the public.”

He said that would be unconstitutional.

“I think that we should not be doing it to our own children.

I think we should be doing this to the state of Tennessee, because this is not a public school,” Carter said.

Carter said he believes the legislature is going to repeal the law, but he said he has been working on legislation to protect Catholic schools from being taken over by a different state.

He also said he wants the state to create a separate school board to run public schools in the state.

“The public school system is a great system that has worked for decades, and I think it should be preserved,” Carter added.

Tennessee is one of only six states that do not allow churches or other religious groups to own public schools or to run them as nonprofit organizations.

The other six states are Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma and South Carolina.