How David Platt became a religious scholar

Posted May 08, 2019 10:04:10David Platt is a professor of theology at Ashland University.

In a recent interview with Religion News Service, Platt revealed that he once considered becoming a Christian himself.

Platt, who now teaches at a university in the United Kingdom, explained that the process of converting was not easy.

“It was very difficult,” he said.

“You had to take the time to think about it.”

Platt said he would sometimes wonder, “Why would I want to be a Christian?”

But he eventually realized that his faith was based on a lot of information he had received from his religious upbringing.

Platts upbringing, Platts religious upbringing, and the way he approached it all led him to be very interested in the Bible.

He told Religion News that he first learned about Christianity from a book he had seen on a religious TV show.

“I watched that and thought, I can relate to this,” Platt explained.

“And then I read the Bible and I thought, this is a very interesting way to view things.”

Platts first read the book “The Faith of God: The Bible’s Christian Message for Today” in the 1970s.

He later saw the book and saw the similarities in how the book’s author, Plath, described Jesus.

Plath explained that Platt was interested in what Platt referred to as “the Christian experience,” or what he called “the Gospel experience.”

Plath said that he wanted to understand what the Bible had to say about life.

“When I saw the Christian experience, I wanted to know about it, PlATT said.

“Because he had this experience of seeing God and hearing God, he came to the conclusion that God wants me, God wants us to be good.” “

He said, I want a Bible that can tell me what God is doing and what he wants me to do,” Platts recounted.

“Because he had this experience of seeing God and hearing God, he came to the conclusion that God wants me, God wants us to be good.”

PlATT’s story has inspired many other Christians to pursue the same path, such as the former pastor of a church in Texas, Robert Wood, who began his own ministry after discovering that his church had been “taken over” by atheists and Christians.

Wood became an atheist and later found a way to reconcile his beliefs with his Christian faith.

“At first I thought it was an interesting experience and then I thought maybe I can be like this and do something with my life,” Wood said.

But Wood eventually came to realize that he was no longer following the Christian path he had started in college.

“My heart was torn apart,” Wood recalled.

“In my heart, I realized that this was a path that was wrong.

I thought I was going to go back to the Christian life and I was not going to be able to.”

Wood continued to practice his faith and eventually became a minister of God.

But when he became interested in becoming a pastor, he realized that he needed to make the changes he wanted.

“There is a big difference between what you want to do in your life and the things you want the world to see,” Wood told Religion Newswire.

Wood also found that there were aspects of his life that were causing him to question his own faith.

He said that when he started to question God, his own life became “more complicated.”

“It’s just like, where did I start?

I’m starting over, and I’m going to make all the mistakes that I’m making.”

Platter told Religion Weekly that he did not see the “Christian life” as “just” an experience.

“We live in a world that’s not a Christian, so I feel like I can look at it as a journey that I have to make,” Platter said.

Platter also told Religion that the idea that there is no God does not apply to him at all.

“All I ever wanted to be was a Christian,” Platton explained.

PlATT, who has a wife and three children, said that being a pastor has helped him to become a better person and a better Christian.

“A pastor’s purpose is to give people a way out,” PlATT told Religion.

“That’s what it’s about.

And if you go on and you try and make people happy and make everyone happy, you’ll never make the world a better place.”