How to study for the exam in Indias largest university

An Indian college in the U.S. has begun a process of teaching students to take a course in the Bible to prepare them for the upcoming examination.

Indias largest universities have started to offer Bible studies in their respective departments to prepare students for the forthcoming exam in the fall.

The course is called Bible in the Americas and is taught by the Department of Indian Affairs at the University of Indianapolis, The Times of India reported.

It is taught at the undergraduate level and the graduate level, and will teach students to “read and comprehend the Bible as an independent thinker, in order to understand its history, culture and teachings, and the role of Scripture in the development of India and the world,” according to a description provided by the university.

Students will be required to study the Bible with a view to studying the canon of scripture, “to gain a broad understanding of Indian religious tradition and the Christian religion in general, as well as the development and impact of Christianity in the Indian context,” the description says.

They will also be required “to examine the historicity of scripture and the historical events that inspired its authors and their teachings.”

The curriculum will also emphasize the role that scripture plays in Indian and global culture.

“The course will examine the biblical text in relation to the cultural context and historical development of Christianity and its role in India, including its impact on social and political issues in the United States,” the university says.

Indian students are not required to take the course in advance and will not be required in the test.

However, they will be able to retake the course if they want to.

This is not the first time that the Indian college has offered Bible courses to students.

Last year, the college introduced a course called the Bibles, Bible in America, which was designed to teach students about the Christian Scriptures.

However, this year’s course is not available online and is only available at the university’s campus.

The college says it has received feedback from students and the college has begun to expand the course to accommodate more students.

While the course is being offered, it has not been officially announced when students will be tested.