Theology school’s online dictionary definition

Online dictionaries are notoriously difficult to use, but now the University of Texas at Austin’s is having a go at its own dictionary.

The university’s online Dictionary of Christian Theology, published by the International Christian Theological Association, is a useful resource for anyone trying to understand the meaning of words.

The dictionary uses a variety of tools to help students and scholars get a sense of the nuances of Christian theology.

For example, the Dictionary of Bible and Bible Dictionary uses a range of different terminology to help make the definition of God clear.

The Bible, in particular, is frequently used to describe God, and some of its terms refer to the person of God.

The dictionary is a collaboration between the Texas-based school and the Christian-themed group The Christian Legal Centre, which is funded by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

“We believe that all of us who love Jesus Christ have a responsibility to understand and understand his words,” said Trinity Western College’s Dean of Divinity John Lacy.

The aim of the dictionary, according to Lacy, is to help people “think in the language of Scripture.”

“The Bible, at its heart, is Scripture, and we need to have that understanding,” he said.

“We’re trying to build a better way of thinking and living.”

The dictionary also has the added bonus of being free online.

Anyone can download it, and it is being offered as a free service to anyone who can afford to pay for it.

“The Dictionary of Christianity and the Bible is a resource for students to get to know the Bible as a text, as an authority, and as a source of knowledge,” Lacy said.

The first volume of the Dictionary, titled Theology and the New Testament, is due to be released in June.