‘Amen’ to God: A Conversation With Bethany University’s Richard A.A. Anderson

Posted February 15, 2019 10:56:29 “I don’t think there is a god,” Anderson said.

“I think we’re the only people who can understand that.

But we’re still searching for God.

We’re still in the search for truth.

It’s a very, very hard task to find the truth in this world.

I can’t be in this job without the faith.”

A postscript to this article from Bethany’s website, which has since been taken down, said the school had not yet received an official letter from the United States Supreme Court.

The blog post also said the church has been in discussions with a number of other religious institutions, including Baptist Theological Seminary in Florida and The Episcopal Church.

But in an email, Anderson wrote, “Our prayer is that the court does not take any of these institutions seriously or that the high court not take our case.”

This story was updated on March 2, 2019 at 8:23 a.m.