What we learned from the first Christian theological semesters

Posted November 16, 2018 12:28:14Christians in Australia are expected to graduate from the seminary in 2018, with a new term set to commence in 2019.

The theological ethics seminary (CEUS) is a new institution created by the State Government to assist Christians who wish to become teachers in the Church.CEUS’ inaugural year is expected to see more than 1,200 graduates.

Its the first seminary to offer undergraduate degrees in theological ethics and the first to do so in Australia.

“This is a very big step for our university, the first time it has been in Australia,” Christchurch Archbishop Philip FitzSimons said.

“It is a sign that there is hope for us as Christians, a sign of the way forward and a sign the future is bright for our church.”

We have seen that many Christians around the world are turning to the semantic sciences and that is a great opportunity for us to show what we have learned, and that there are many ways to live our faith.

“I am very hopeful that this seminary will help us to be more successful in our quest to convert and change people’s lives.”

Christchurch is home to the world’s oldest Christian university, with Christchurch’s Seminary of the Sacred Heart located on the city’s CBD.