How to get a theological education at a Christian college

A theologian is no longer required to attend a seminary to study theology.

Theological seminary (AS) is no more, and the Department of Education has said it will discontinue AS programs that are currently offered in the United States.

The American Association of Christian Colleges and Universities (AABC) and other Christian institutions are now using the term “religious studies” instead of AS for purposes of recruiting students.

The College of William and Mary’s Catholic College and the University of Pennsylvania’s Westminster School of Theology both announced that they would be discontinuing the Catholic College’s AS program.

The University of Pittsburgh said in a statement that it would not be enrolling any more Catholic students this year.

The college said it would also discontinue the program at Pennsylvania State University and the College of the Holy Cross.

The Associated Press is using a different acronym for the program: theological semiotics.

The AP did not identify the schools or the seminary that had been told to stop AS from the program.

As with all religious studies programs, they must still comply with state requirements for graduation.

Catholic College in Hartford, Conn., announced in December that it had decided to discontinue its AS program because of the Trump administration’s executive order banning travel from seven Muslim-majority countries.

The university said it was not considering alternatives and did not have plans to extend the program beyond 2020.

Presbyterian College of Detroit announced in February that it was discontinuing its Catholic AS program, which has been open for nearly two decades.

Both schools say they will continue with their Catholic program, with a focus on the Catholic faith.

The seminary will continue to offer a number of other courses and courses offered in English.

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