Which is better? Christianity or Judaism?

This is a guest post from Daniel G. Wainwright, a senior lecturer in theology at the University of Oxford.He blogs at www.gospel-is-all.com.He can be reached at djwainwright(at)oxford.ac.uk or by email at djwilliams(at.gmail.com).Follow him on Twitter: @daniel_william_1.This article first appeared on Gospel Is All, an initiative of the Christian Post (www.christianpost.org.uk).For more articles, and to getRead More

How to Win the Culture Wars

“I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on religion,” she told me in a phone call, “but the most important thing is that I’m going to have faith in my fellow believers and I’m not afraid to believe what they have to say.”Theres a reason why she doesn’t feel like a religious freak:Read More

Dan Mohler: “Thesis of the Year”

Dan Mohlers is a professor of philosophy at Rutgers University.His book Thesis of a Year is a collection of essays on philosophy, and he teaches philosophy at New York University.I spoke with Mohler by phone about how he wrote his book and what he’s learned since then.VICE: What was the impetus behind writing Thesis?Mohler saysRead More