How Apophatic theologians have ‘no problem with God’

How apophatic and other evangelical theologians treat the Bible, while maintaining a non-apocalyptic view of God.This week, I’ll be exploring these issues with Dr. John D’Ambrosio.Dr. D’Amrosio is the co-author of a number of books, including The God of the Bible and The New Testament Bible.In an interview with the Catholic World Report in 2007,Read More

How to Find the Best Christian Theology Books in 2018

The Christian theological semireligence (CTS) is the main theological academy for Christians in the world, and it was founded by Martin Luther in 1604 to provide a foundation for Christian studies and theology.Today, it is the largest and most diverse of the main Christian theological seminaries.But despite the vastness of the CTS, its scholars andRead More

How Nazarenes Got Their Music in a Time of Crisis

Posted January 22, 2018 09:24:07 The Bible, and especially the Bible’s words, have a way of moving the hearts and minds of believers and those who do not.As they have, so too have many modern-day theologians.I spoke with some of them about their roots in the Bible, the power of music, and how the BibleRead More

The ‘new’ religious canon is coming for Princeton, too: Princeton

It’s a new canon, a canon of faith-based books, which can be found on Princeton’s online theological library.The new canon is part of the larger effort to make Princeton a center of theological inquiry and a place where faith-filled students and scholars can engage in dialogue.Princeton’s theology department recently opened an online theology research program,Read More

Can a dog be divine?

A dog is a divine creature, according to Anglican theologian, Dr Richard Williams.Theological Dictionary,Dogmatic Dictionary source ABC Sports (AU,NSW) title What are the four dogmas of the Christian faith?article Dogmas are the doctrines of Christianity.They are the teaching that a person is good or evil, that Jesus is God, that the Holy Spirit intervenes betweenRead More

Cardinal O’Malley: ‘This is a time of grace’

By ALAN KLEINMANAAP/Associated PressSacramental theologians and other senior officials from around the United States are taking the helm of the largest Christian university in the nation in a major shakeup that could spell trouble for the Archdiocese of New York.The Archdiocesan Church will be dissolved by the end of the month and replaced by aRead More

How to live out the tulip tradition

A tradition of tulips in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.They were sold by their growers as a luxury product.The tradition has survived and thrived for generations.Tulips have also been used to symbolise prosperity, good fortune and love.However, it’s not a religion and it’s illegal to grow, sell or even touch tulips.Tulip farmer andRead More