A Jewish theological semannytic in India? – New York Times

article A former seminary in the United States was accused of “denying Jewish theology” and teaching a “deny-and-apologise” theology to students at its Hebrew Union College in New York City. The seminary, the Modern Orthodox Jewish Theological Seminary (MOSJTS), has been closed by the university, which cited its “failure to uphold and adhere to Jewish theology.”TheRead More

How to be a theologian, not a theologite

Religion has always been a place where theologically important issues are resolved.But in recent years, the theological world has also become increasingly political.“Religious people are a little more vocal now than they were before,” says Dr. Robert A. Stahl, an associate professor of theology at the University of Pennsylvania and an expert on the roleRead More

God’s Apology to the West

An essay by Christian pastor Kevin Phillips on why the West needs to apologize for its “sin” and how to recover its identity as the land of the free.“God has given us the right to do anything we want to do,” said Phillips.“And yet,” he added, “we continue to violate the most basic of humanRead More

What you need to know about theological seminaries

We’re often asked to identify theological seminarians.They are the men who take the time to teach their students and serve them, sometimes on an academic level.We can also ask them what theological school they attended.For some seminaries, such as the New Testament Evangelical Theological Seminary (NEGTS), there are no formal degrees.The theological school in questionRead More

The theology of labor

The theology that God created man as an obedient, perfect creature is an important theme in the theological tradition of theology, but is it an accurate and coherent theological theory?The theological study of the economy of work in the West is largely an academic enterprise.Its central theme is the idea that God did not createRead More

How to study for the exam in Indias largest university

An Indian college in the U.S. has begun a process of teaching students to take a course in the Bible to prepare them for the upcoming examination.Indias largest universities have started to offer Bible studies in their respective departments to prepare students for the forthcoming exam in the fall.The course is called Bible in theRead More

The full theological definition of freedom

The term freedom is a tricky one.It can be used to describe things that are, by definition, voluntary.But it can also be used as a noun, meaning something that someone or something is free from.The full definition of “freedom” is not clear, but there are two definitions that I can think of.The first is “aRead More

How to get rid of the replacement theology

The Bible is the final authority on everything.It’s a timeless document that must be understood and lived through by believers to survive.That’s why, at least in the United States, the Bible is taught in every public school, and why the Bible has become such a dominant topic of study for young adults.The American Bible SocietyRead More