When you think theology, you think the Bible

Theology is often seen as a way of solving the theological problems of modern society.That is one reason why the church has been very successful in dealing with them.But as Thomas Ligotti argues in his new book, Theology in Crisis: Theology as a Political Movement and the Coming Crisis of Religious Theory, theology is increasinglyRead More

How to Get Your Bible on the Right Track

Andersonville is a small Baptist seminary in New York State, but it has a long history of teaching theology in a way that fits with the church’s traditional mission of spreading Jesus’ message.As the church continues to spread and diversify its message, so too does its theology.“In the midst of the Gospel, in the midstRead More

How to win over a church that loves you

By Brian JohnsonCNN article 1. It’s a matter of faith, and if you’ve ever been to church, you know the stakes are very high. “It’s all about faith,” said Father Mark P. O’Connell, pastor of St. Anthony of Padua’s Church of God in Christ in Hendersonville, Tennessee.“It means that you’re going to do something good.It means you’re not goingRead More