Why do Christians believe in hell?

American Christians, particularly those from the Midwest, have been among the most skeptical of the doctrine of hell.It’s a doctrine developed in the Bible, with the belief that the punishment for sin is eternal punishment, and that only the righteous will be saved.But for many, it also represents the wrath of God.“I don’t believe inRead More

How Apophatic theologians have ‘no problem with God’

How apophatic and other evangelical theologians treat the Bible, while maintaining a non-apocalyptic view of God.This week, I’ll be exploring these issues with Dr. John D’Ambrosio.Dr. D’Amrosio is the co-author of a number of books, including The God of the Bible and The New Testament Bible.In an interview with the Catholic World Report in 2007,Read More

How to master the apophatic church

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