How to become a bachelor of the Christian faith

A Bachelor of the Religious Studies (BS) degree can be the ultimate career path for many people, but what is the qualification required to be a religious scholar?The Bachelor of Religious Studies degree is required for anyone wishing to be an Anglican or Roman Catholic chaplain or vicar, as well as those wishing to teachRead More

Why do Christians believe in hell?

American Christians, particularly those from the Midwest, have been among the most skeptical of the doctrine of hell.It’s a doctrine developed in the Bible, with the belief that the punishment for sin is eternal punishment, and that only the righteous will be saved.But for many, it also represents the wrath of God.“I don’t believe inRead More

Why I’m a Christian, not a Christian scientist

I’ve never been religious.But I was raised as a Christian and my family went to church regularly.It was only recently that I began to question my faith.It’s a topic I’ve tackled in the past, but I’ve decided to write this article to show that it isn’t theologically driven.As a physicist, I’ve always believed that theRead More