Five theological books that are better than others

This article is an experimental theology article It’s not the first time a book has been ranked higher than the others. In this year’s annual book ranking, Aquinas Theology, the title Atheist and Rationalist, was ranked second. Another book, The Christian View, was rated third. And, of course, there’s the book of Clementine, which was rated fourth, behind Doubting the Trinity, and Theology and Philosophy of the Bible, rankedRead More

How to Find the Best Christian Theology Books in 2018

The Christian theological semireligence (CTS) is the main theological academy for Christians in the world, and it was founded by Martin Luther in 1604 to provide a foundation for Christian studies and theology.Today, it is the largest and most diverse of the main Christian theological seminaries.But despite the vastness of the CTS, its scholars andRead More

Why You Should Get A Bible and Read The Bible Today

The Bible is the most widely used text in the Christian tradition, and it’s become a crucial part of religious life, from the pulpits to the pulpit.But there are some who worry about the influence of the text’s influence on the way we think about the Bible.And the new book, The Bible’s Power: How Faith-BasedRead More