What do you get when you combine theology with religion?

Gammon theology, the study of God from the standpoint of natural theology, is one of the oldest and most influential forms of Christian theology.Theological studies of natural science, on the other hand, are the main focus of many religious studies, including seminary theology.Both disciplines have a common thread of a theological perspective which is concernedRead More

How to Get Your Bible on the Right Track

Andersonville is a small Baptist seminary in New York State, but it has a long history of teaching theology in a way that fits with the church’s traditional mission of spreading Jesus’ message.As the church continues to spread and diversify its message, so too does its theology.“In the midst of the Gospel, in the midstRead More

When the Christian Church went to war with Hinduism

The Hindu-Christian conflict of the third millennium BC is sometimes referred to as the “War of the Worlds.”At its height, it involved Hindu and Christian armies of different religions and ideologies.But for the first two centuries of the Christian era, it was the “war of faith” against the Hindu-dominated monotheistic religion of the Eastern RomanRead More