How a new book helps us understand why we’re here

GUTIERREZ LIBREZ, an evangelical pastor who was recently named the president of the Southern Baptist Convention, has a message for liberals: Stop talking about the ‘War on Christmas.’And stop being so afraid to speak your mind. LIVE FROM ATLANTA, GA—A few days before Christmas, Pastor Gutierrez stood on stage with more than a dozen other pastorsRead More

What’s the best science?

What’s in a name?If you ask the people of the Himalayas, it’s one thing.They don’t need an academic or even a politician to tell them what they need to know.But in the case of the “Himalayan Mountain Science”, they need a Nobel Prize-winning scientist to tell it.“The Himalayans call it science,” says Ramesh Gupta, directorRead More

Why I am now a reformed theologian

When Bob Goff and his wife, Carol, first met, they decided to try to convert their two daughters to the faith of the New Testament.The children would attend a Christian school, but their parents would refuse to let them attend.So Bob, who is the director of the Northwestern theological Seminary, decided to convert them.They decidedRead More