How the Bible Was Made Source FourFourFourTwo

The Bible is the word of God.It has been given to us through Moses, the Apostle Paul, and countless others through the apostles and prophets.But the Bible is not just the word we know today.It was originally written in a way that would have been incomprehensible to our ancestors.In many ways, the Bible represents theRead More

Why You Shouldn’t Let the “Church” Die

“It’s time for the church to die.”That’s what the Rev. Al Sharpton told CNN on Friday, the day before he was booed off stage at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference.“There’s no longer a church, there’s a church.It’s time to say, ‘I don’t want to be part of this church anymore.’”But for some, that’s notRead More

Southern theological semancy: Why it’s the place for the ‘rightly chosen’

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) has come under fire for its decision to ban a new seminary for a “conservative” theological movement, according to the Southern Baptist Ethics Association.The Ethics Association says that SBC president Rev. Robert Scott is promoting “a false narrative” and “misinforming and distorting” the Southern Baptists’ Christian heritage and calling forRead More

Moore theological semicate to teach black liberation theology

Moore theological college has confirmed it will teach black theology and science as part of its undergraduate courses, the university announced today.The move follows a year-long process by the seminary to teach the two disciplines.The seminary’s dean, David J. Moore, said the theological disciplines had been an important part of the academic life of theRead More

How to get Calvin theological semiofficial jobs in the US

How to apply for jobs at Calvin theological college in California.It’s a pretty good way to get your name out there if you’re applying for an undergraduate position.You might want to consider that position, but for now, you can take the free classes and get a sense of what the job entails.There’s also a “baptism”Read More