How to be a theologian, not a theologite

Religion has always been a place where theologically important issues are resolved.But in recent years, the theological world has also become increasingly political.“Religious people are a little more vocal now than they were before,” says Dr. Robert A. Stahl, an associate professor of theology at the University of Pennsylvania and an expert on the roleRead More

How to make tulips with Christianity

A new religion has sprung up on Reddit, and it’s pretty damn interesting.Tulips were first created in the 16th century, and were originally cultivated as decorations in churches.As Christianity expanded, tulips were gradually replaced by other types of plants and plants became part of the decoration.Tulips are still grown today, but the church has beenRead More

Which theology forums are best for the church?

What is your favourite church-related discussion forum?Please list it in the comments below.Religion and politics are two of the most heated topics in our day-to-day lives.It’s hard to know where to start when you’ve got so much information at your fingertips, but here are our top five choices for a church-focused forum.1.Church of England ForumRead More