What is a context?

This article first appeared on National Geographic magazine.What is context?How can you use it to make your own theological point?This article was written by Elizabeth Dziczek, the executive director of the Institute for the Study of the Past.This article originally appeared in National Geographic Magazine, the national travel magazine of the National Geographic Society.

Theological Seminary: Themes of Faith

Theological seminary of the University of St Andrews (UK) has issued a statement on the recent controversy surrounding the title of its latest book, God’s Word: A Christian Faith, which they say would “encourage Christians to be theologically engaged”.In a recent interview with The Journal, the Rev. Mark O’Leary, the school’s president and vice-chancellor, explainedRead More

4 Things to know about ‘The Secret Life of the Unborn Child’

FiveThirtyEight article The latest issue of FiveThirtyeight features a new story by David G. Hochschild, an author of a number of books about race and the country, including “The Great Divide.”It’s titled “The Secret Lives of Unborn Children,” and it was written by Hochsell and his wife, Jennifer.Their story is the first of many aboutRead More