How David Platt became a religious scholar

Posted May 08, 2019 10:04:10David Platt is a professor of theology at Ashland University.In a recent interview with Religion News Service, Platt revealed that he once considered becoming a Christian himself.Platt, who now teaches at a university in the United Kingdom, explained that the process of converting was not easy.“It was very difficult,” he said.“YouRead More

Chargers’ David Platt on his legacy

David Platts has had a remarkable career, but what does it mean for the Chargers to see him inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?The article starts here.(Published Friday, Sept. 25, 2018)

What’s the best science?

What’s in a name?If you ask the people of the Himalayas, it’s one thing.They don’t need an academic or even a politician to tell them what they need to know.But in the case of the “Himalayan Mountain Science”, they need a Nobel Prize-winning scientist to tell it.“The Himalayans call it science,” says Ramesh Gupta, directorRead More