How to become a Christian with a few simple rules

“There is no more important moment in my life,” says a young man named Tyler, who is a member of the evangelical church and who has been known to speak in tongues.“It is the moment when I begin to understand what it means to be a Christian.Tyler is the first of my brothers.He has spentRead More

How Nazarenes Got Their Music in a Time of Crisis

Posted January 22, 2018 09:24:07 The Bible, and especially the Bible’s words, have a way of moving the hearts and minds of believers and those who do not.As they have, so too have many modern-day theologians.I spoke with some of them about their roots in the Bible, the power of music, and how the BibleRead More

Tulip in the midst of controversy over its medical uses

A new study finds that tulip bulbs may be more effective in treating certain diseases than the common cold.The Tulip Research Institute, an academic organization that works with the world’s largest tulip growers, says that the new study is the first of its kind in the field of clinical medicine.The researchers also say that theirRead More