A black theology, a new view of history

On the heels of the shooting death of the Rev. Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and the subsequent white supremacist protest that sparked a riot, some have begun to look at the past in a more historically-oriented way.This is a movement that draws on the history of racial equality and the struggle for freedomRead More

Baptist theology seminary offers women biblical insights

The Baptismal Seminary of Atlanta (BSA) in Atlanta, Georgia, has been offering women biblical perspectives for nearly a decade, according to the seminary’s website.The BSA’s curriculum is designed to include more than 1,300 hours of teaching, including theological, biblical, and philosophical topics.The seminary has also expanded its program to include women’s theology and biblical studies.WomenRead More

Theological Seminary: Themes of Faith

Theological seminary of the University of St Andrews (UK) has issued a statement on the recent controversy surrounding the title of its latest book, God’s Word: A Christian Faith, which they say would “encourage Christians to be theologically engaged”.In a recent interview with The Journal, the Rev. Mark O’Leary, the school’s president and vice-chancellor, explainedRead More