Five theological books that are better than others

This article is an experimental theology article It’s not the first time a book has been ranked higher than the others. In this year’s annual book ranking, Aquinas Theology, the title Atheist and Rationalist, was ranked second. Another book, The Christian View, was rated third. And, of course, there’s the book of Clementine, which was rated fourth, behind Doubting the Trinity, and Theology and Philosophy of the Bible, rankedRead More

How to Get Your Bible on the Right Track

Andersonville is a small Baptist seminary in New York State, but it has a long history of teaching theology in a way that fits with the church’s traditional mission of spreading Jesus’ message.As the church continues to spread and diversify its message, so too does its theology.“In the midst of the Gospel, in the midstRead More

How to Get to Heaven in Black Christian Evangelicalism

How do you get to Heaven?That’s the question being asked as more than a dozen Black evangelical churches across the United States prepare to welcome the first-ever international guests to their services in more than five decades.The churches are the first to open their doors in their communities in a ceremony that is being billedRead More