How to find a church in the U.S.

A church in America is an entity that’s built on the foundation of faith and the people who call it that.But as religious leaders grapple with how to meet this increasingly diverse landscape, the church may be a better fit for many Americans than any other, according to a new study by Harvard theological review.TheRead More

Why You Shouldn’t Let the “Church” Die

“It’s time for the church to die.”That’s what the Rev. Al Sharpton told CNN on Friday, the day before he was booed off stage at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference.“There’s no longer a church, there’s a church.It’s time to say, ‘I don’t want to be part of this church anymore.’”But for some, that’s notRead More

How to Read a Bible verse

“A biblical verse, when read correctly, tells us the truth.It tells us that Jesus was a God, and His Father and Jesus were His disciples, not the other way around,” said Dr. Mark E. Petersen, a biblical scholar and professor at the University of Notre Dame.“So the Bible is a really powerful, powerful tool inRead More

What is a theologian?

The term theologian is often used in a derogatory manner, with those who do not follow a strict theology being called “dissidents”.However, as we will see, this term is very misleading.It has been widely used to describe a number of highly-trained theologians who hold positions of authority in their respective fields.This article is a collectionRead More