How to be a theologian, not a theologite

Religion has always been a place where theologically important issues are resolved.But in recent years, the theological world has also become increasingly political.“Religious people are a little more vocal now than they were before,” says Dr. Robert A. Stahl, an associate professor of theology at the University of Pennsylvania and an expert on the roleRead More

Catholic school, Christian school fight for funding

Catholic schools in Tennessee are pushing back against a state takeover of their classrooms.The state’s Board of Education has passed a bill to make Catholic schools a separate entity from the public schools, which could lead to the loss of funding for all public schools.The new law is part of a sweeping reorganization of theRead More

How to find and teach Calvinist theology

Calvinists teach that God created man and that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation.They believe that salvation is not available to everyone, but that people are born with a “special gift” that makes them uniquely special.If you want to know more about Calvinism, you can read more about it here.

When is the end? – LGBQT in the US

What do we know about the LGBTQ+ community?Is the future here?When does it happen?What will it look like?How does it affect people in the Church?What are the chances of a church-wide ban?The Sports Bible is a weekly podcast covering the latest news and analysis from the sport of rugby league.Join host and former NRL andRead More

When a pastor was told to ‘be a Christian by his or her own words’

Theologically-minded Christians are increasingly finding their voices through social media.One such voice is pastor Moore Lutheran College’s evangelical minister, pastor Moore, who has created an evangelical megachurch in the South, The Grace Center, in Jackson, Mississippi.The Grace Center is a megachange of a small church that has grown from just a few members to moreRead More