How to Get to Heaven in Black Christian Evangelicalism

How do you get to Heaven?That’s the question being asked as more than a dozen Black evangelical churches across the United States prepare to welcome the first-ever international guests to their services in more than five decades.The churches are the first to open their doors in their communities in a ceremony that is being billedRead More

How to become an open theologian

In a recent essay, The Guardian’s Andrew Brown argued that the current theological orthodoxy is not what it once was.“We’re now a world where a person’s view is no longer what it was ten or twenty years ago, and in many ways, we’re a world now where you can be an open theology student,” heRead More

How to get started with a PhD in theological theology

Online graduate theological seminarians are starting to get a new challenge.Students are going from having to complete a BA and then a PhD to starting their own theological department.In some cases, there’s even a degree that doesn’t have a degree in theology.For students in theology, the move to online education is part of a widerRead More