The Catholic Church and the World: A Study in Historical Context

article Midwestern theological school, seminary, and school in the American Midwest was founded in 1786 in St. Louis, Missouri.The first class was led by John Wesley, a native of Kentucky.The tradition of the school continues today, as seminaries in several locations in the United States are led by the Jesuit tradition, including Chicago’s St. Luke’sRead More

Why do Christians believe in hell?

American Christians, particularly those from the Midwest, have been among the most skeptical of the doctrine of hell.It’s a doctrine developed in the Bible, with the belief that the punishment for sin is eternal punishment, and that only the righteous will be saved.But for many, it also represents the wrath of God.“I don’t believe inRead More

How to make feminist theology look like the Bible

The feminist theology movement is growing fast, and some theologians are using theology to fight against sexism.This article discusses some of the most interesting ways to do so.1.Themes that are popular among young feministsThemes that seem to appeal to a generation that is more open to exploring feminist theology are the ones that are alsoRead More