How does an atheist make the case for an afterlife?

“If it’s the last person, who cares if he’s alive?” asked one student who was asked to consider a case for a resurrection.“I don’t care.I’m just glad I got a chance to be alive.”The student, who did not want to be named, asked not to be identified because she is not allowed to speak aboutRead More

When a pastor was told to ‘be a Christian by his or her own words’

Theologically-minded Christians are increasingly finding their voices through social media.One such voice is pastor Moore Lutheran College’s evangelical minister, pastor Moore, who has created an evangelical megachurch in the South, The Grace Center, in Jackson, Mississippi.The Grace Center is a megachange of a small church that has grown from just a few members to moreRead More

Moore theological semicate to teach black liberation theology

Moore theological college has confirmed it will teach black theology and science as part of its undergraduate courses, the university announced today.The move follows a year-long process by the seminary to teach the two disciplines.The seminary’s dean, David J. Moore, said the theological disciplines had been an important part of the academic life of theRead More