What is negative theology?

Posted by the Rev. Robert R. Rummel in Reformed Theology | Comments Off on What is Negative Theory?article By Rev. R. Robert S. Rumsfeld, the pastor of the Reformed Seminary in San Diego, California.Reformed theology is a theological framework for understanding and reconciling the differences between the doctrines of Christ, the Christian faith, and theRead More

What’s in a name? Australian conservatives fear a new religious right

The rise of the right has brought religious conservatives to the fore in Australia, and the rise of Christian Identity has also helped, with many of the country’s religious groups seeking to distance themselves from the politics of multiculturalism.However, the emergence of Christian Zionism and Christian Identity groups, along with the rise in anti-Muslim andRead More

Dan Mohler: “Thesis of the Year”

Dan Mohlers is a professor of philosophy at Rutgers University.His book Thesis of a Year is a collection of essays on philosophy, and he teaches philosophy at New York University.I spoke with Mohler by phone about how he wrote his book and what he’s learned since then.VICE: What was the impetus behind writing Thesis?Mohler saysRead More