How to Find a Religion That’s Not Your Church

Theologically, this can be a daunting task, but it can also be a blessing.If you can find a religion that is not your church, then you can be free of the guilt that comes with believing that you are a member of that church.When it comes to finding your faith, however, you may find yourselfRead More

Theological Seminary: Themes of Faith

Theological seminary of the University of St Andrews (UK) has issued a statement on the recent controversy surrounding the title of its latest book, God’s Word: A Christian Faith, which they say would “encourage Christians to be theologically engaged”.In a recent interview with The Journal, the Rev. Mark O’Leary, the school’s president and vice-chancellor, explainedRead More

New study finds that ‘natural theology’ has not won the day

By John StosselThe new study found that “natural theology” has not yet made the leap from “theology of the senses” to “natural theological theology”.The study, which looked at a variety of approaches to theology, found that while “natural” theology “does not have a monopoly” on the idea that the world is a divine entity, itRead More