Theology school’s online dictionary definition

Online dictionaries are notoriously difficult to use, but now the University of Texas at Austin’s is having a go at its own dictionary.The university’s online Dictionary of Christian Theology, published by the International Christian Theological Association, is a useful resource for anyone trying to understand the meaning of words.The dictionary uses a variety of toolsRead More

A Jewish theological semannytic in India? – New York Times

article A former seminary in the United States was accused of “denying Jewish theology” and teaching a “deny-and-apologise” theology to students at its Hebrew Union College in New York City.┬áThe seminary, the Modern Orthodox Jewish Theological Seminary (MOSJTS), has been closed by the university, which cited its “failure to uphold and adhere to Jewish theology.”TheRead More

Which Reform Theology Is Fundamental?

In what has become a regular occurrence in the church, reformed theologians like Greg Lukianoff and John Piper are now pushing the notion that the Bible’s sacred texts should be treated with respect and reverence.But that notion has become less popular in recent years as the church has become more secularized and more tolerant ofRead More