Chargers’ David Platt on his legacy

David Platts has had a remarkable career, but what does it mean for the Chargers to see him inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?The article starts here.(Published Friday, Sept. 25, 2018)

Why we are the church’s greatest obstacle

In what seems like a perfect storm, our church is in the midst of a crisis, but we are not.I have been a theologian for almost 20 years.The first few years I spent in Rome, I was a member of a local Catholic group.I was involved in a few groups and groups of Catholics whoRead More

How to get started with a PhD in theological theology

Online graduate theological seminarians are starting to get a new challenge.Students are going from having to complete a BA and then a PhD to starting their own theological department.In some cases, there’s even a degree that doesn’t have a degree in theology.For students in theology, the move to online education is part of a widerRead More