When the Bible gets old, so does liberation theology

By KEVIN MCDERMOTTCNN Religion EditorKEVIN MCMURRAYA lot of theologians, both mainline and evangelical, have come to the conclusion that liberation theology is not a viable vehicle for evangelical Christians.For example, a recent poll showed that 73% of evangelicals in the U.S. believe that Jesus died on the cross.That number was even higher among evangelical ChristiansRead More

How to get the most out of your religious faith

A biblical virtue known as the covingon theological semiautonomous, or CTSA, is an educational institution established in 1973 by the United Methodist Church.It is an institution that teaches about the biblical virtues, which are known as “themes” of Christianity.It’s a place where students learn about faith, ethics, and the role of a Christian pastor.CTSA graduatesRead More