What’s the best science?

What’s in a name?If you ask the people of the Himalayas, it’s one thing.They don’t need an academic or even a politician to tell them what they need to know.But in the case of the “Himalayan Mountain Science”, they need a Nobel Prize-winning scientist to tell it.“The Himalayans call it science,” says Ramesh Gupta, directorRead More

How the Bible Was Made Source FourFourFourTwo

The Bible is the word of God.It has been given to us through Moses, the Apostle Paul, and countless others through the apostles and prophets.But the Bible is not just the word we know today.It was originally written in a way that would have been incomprehensible to our ancestors.In many ways, the Bible represents theRead More

What’s the meaning of Trinitarian theology?

An article from Ars Technic that makes the case that “trinitarians” are atheists by virtue of their beliefs.It’s an interesting, if incomplete, look at the idea that there are different kinds of atheists and that some of these differences are based on their faith.But even if you find Trinitarianism appealing, it still doesn’t answer theRead More