How to read a Bible verse: What does it mean?

The most important words in the Bible are “he,” “she,” and “they.”But what does that mean?For example, the word “he” is the word for “person,” and it has an intimate connection with the people we are talking about.The word “she” has an important role in the relationship between God and the people in the world.InRead More

Why You Shouldn’t Let the “Church” Die

“It’s time for the church to die.”That’s what the Rev. Al Sharpton told CNN on Friday, the day before he was booed off stage at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference.“There’s no longer a church, there’s a church.It’s time to say, ‘I don’t want to be part of this church anymore.’”But for some, that’s notRead More

How to Start Your Own Religion

By Beth Moore, Religion Today • November 26, 2019 12:32:23When it comes to finding God, no matter your religious identity, there are three things you should always know about religion: 1.There are no atheists, 2.You are not alone in your struggle, and 3.God is always there.These three truths are essential for any serious Christian.So whatRead More