What’s the best science?

What’s in a name?If you ask the people of the Himalayas, it’s one thing.They don’t need an academic or even a politician to tell them what they need to know.But in the case of the “Himalayan Mountain Science”, they need a Nobel Prize-winning scientist to tell it.“The Himalayans call it science,” says Ramesh Gupta, directorRead More

When will the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations begin?

On Wednesday night, Pope Francis will celebrate St. Peter’s Day in St. Petersburg, Russia, a week after he will also celebrate Sts.Peter and Paul’s Day.The pontiff will then celebrate St Patrick’s day in Rome, the same day that St. Valentine’s Day is held.¬†However, there are some things that have been left unclear.¬†The pope has saidRead More

Trump apologists get some love in ‘The Way Forward’

“We’re going to have a very special place at the center of the next generation,” the Rev. Al Sharpton, one of the founders of the Black Lives Matter movement, said in a video released by the Revlon Foundation.The video was meant to promote his foundation’s campaign to end gun violence, but has gone viral.“The wayRead More

What does the new bible actually say?

What is the new Bible?A new, edited, and modern translation of the Bible.Read more…The new bible is titled The New Testament of the New Testament: The Old Testament as a Translation and Interpretation of the Holy Scriptures, by John Knox.The text was published in 2017 by Oxford University Press, and is described as “the mostRead More

New study finds that ‘natural theology’ has not won the day

By John StosselThe new study found that “natural theology” has not yet made the leap from “theology of the senses” to “natural theological theology”.The study, which looked at a variety of approaches to theology, found that while “natural” theology “does not have a monopoly” on the idea that the world is a divine entity, itRead More