Theology school’s online dictionary definition

Online dictionaries are notoriously difficult to use, but now the University of Texas at Austin’s is having a go at its own dictionary.The university’s online Dictionary of Christian Theology, published by the International Christian Theological Association, is a useful resource for anyone trying to understand the meaning of words.The dictionary uses a variety of toolsRead More

When the Bible was invented, its creator was an academic

by Matt Clements, Associate Professor of English at the University of Texas at Austin.In the article, Clements says that the Bible is “ancient Greek and Hebrew scripture” and “was written in the second century by a man named John the Baptist.”“It’s not a very original story, so it was probably copied in a variety ofRead More

How does an atheist make the case for an afterlife?

“If it’s the last person, who cares if he’s alive?” asked one student who was asked to consider a case for a resurrection.“I don’t care.I’m just glad I got a chance to be alive.”The student, who did not want to be named, asked not to be identified because she is not allowed to speak aboutRead More

What is a theologian?

The term theologian is often used in a derogatory manner, with those who do not follow a strict theology being called “dissidents”.However, as we will see, this term is very misleading.It has been widely used to describe a number of highly-trained theologians who hold positions of authority in their respective fields.This article is a collectionRead More

When the Christian Church went to war with Hinduism

The Hindu-Christian conflict of the third millennium BC is sometimes referred to as the “War of the Worlds.”At its height, it involved Hindu and Christian armies of different religions and ideologies.But for the first two centuries of the Christian era, it was the “war of faith” against the Hindu-dominated monotheistic religion of the Eastern RomanRead More