What you need to know about theological seminaries

We’re often asked to identify theological seminarians.They are the men who take the time to teach their students and serve them, sometimes on an academic level.We can also ask them what theological school they attended.For some seminaries, such as the New Testament Evangelical Theological Seminary (NEGTS), there are no formal degrees.The theological school in questionRead More

How to live out the tulip tradition

A tradition of tulips in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.They were sold by their growers as a luxury product.The tradition has survived and thrived for generations.Tulips have also been used to symbolise prosperity, good fortune and love.However, it’s not a religion and it’s illegal to grow, sell or even touch tulips.Tulip farmer andRead More

Which Tulip Church has the most active followers?

Tulip theology is the theology of the tulip flower, the petals of which are symbolic of the Virgin Mary and the Virgin, the Lord, the earth, and life.Tulipology is also known as “tradition”, a term used to describe the beliefs and practices of some sects of the Christian church, including the Church of Jesus ChristRead More