‘God is dead’: Theology school denies that god was alive

By Dhananjay Sharma-Thomson By The Times Of IndiaTheological school of the Columbia University, one of the most prestigious in the US, has rejected the concept of god being alive.According to a letter from the school to the National Association of Evangelicals (NAAE) and other religious leaders, the school rejects the idea that God was aliveRead More

Why Catholics Are Saying ‘Yes’ to Abortion Now and in the Past

Posted by Catholic News Service (CNS) on September 22, 2018 08:02:10The world’s Catholic bishops have announced their decision to allow the procedure to be carried out in all Catholic hospitals by 2021.This decision comes as the Vatican is facing a crisis of conscience over the Catholic Church’s position on abortion.The move comes despite the factRead More

Why You Should Get A Bible and Read The Bible Today

The Bible is the most widely used text in the Christian tradition, and it’s become a crucial part of religious life, from the pulpits to the pulpit.But there are some who worry about the influence of the text’s influence on the way we think about the Bible.And the new book, The Bible’s Power: How Faith-BasedRead More