How to become an Anglican theologian in your church

Anglicans are known for their rigorous religious practices, but many still fall short of being able to minister to the needs of the poor.This year, the church is introducing new guidelines that could help those struggling to find a place in the church.The new rules were created by the Anglican Church of England (ACEO) andRead More

How a new book helps us understand why we’re here

GUTIERREZ LIBREZ, an evangelical pastor who was recently named the president of the Southern Baptist Convention, has a message for liberals: Stop talking about the ‘War on Christmas.’And stop being so afraid to speak your mind. LIVE FROM ATLANTA, GA—A few days before Christmas, Pastor Gutierrez stood on stage with more than a dozen other pastorsRead More

How to Find a Religion That’s Not Your Church

Theologically, this can be a daunting task, but it can also be a blessing.If you can find a religion that is not your church, then you can be free of the guilt that comes with believing that you are a member of that church.When it comes to finding your faith, however, you may find yourselfRead More

Theology Seminary: The Last Words

By David Guzik and David M. McAllister Editor’s note: This article is part of the series: Linguistics, Thought and Religion: What’s Wrong with the ‘Religion’ and Why?article Linguistic analysis is a key tool for all religious traditions and in the case of the Church, the Catholic Church.The Catholic Church, like many others, has adopted aRead More

What does a dogmatic theologian do?

A dogmatic theological believer is one who is convinced that the Bible, the scriptures, or the teachings of Jesus Christ are infallible.A dogmatist is someone who is not dogmatic.Theologically, dogmatism is not a single point of view.There are different levels of dogmatic belief, and some are more dogmatic than others.Theology, theology, and theology are notRead More

Chargers’ David Platt on his legacy

David Platts has had a remarkable career, but what does it mean for the Chargers to see him inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?The article starts here.(Published Friday, Sept. 25, 2018)