What is Anglicanism?

Anglicanism is a movement of Christians from around the world that began in England in the 15th century and has grown rapidly in the last 100 years.Its roots are in the Reformation, when Englishmen sought to break with the Catholic Church.The term Anglicanism has now come to mean any religion that has been Anglican forRead More

How to become a Christian with a few simple rules

“There is no more important moment in my life,” says a young man named Tyler, who is a member of the evangelical church and who has been known to speak in tongues.“It is the moment when I begin to understand what it means to be a Christian.Tyler is the first of my brothers.He has spentRead More

The Catholic Church and the World: A Study in Historical Context

article Midwestern theological school, seminary, and school in the American Midwest was founded in 1786 in St. Louis, Missouri.The first class was led by John Wesley, a native of Kentucky.The tradition of the school continues today, as seminaries in several locations in the United States are led by the Jesuit tradition, including Chicago’s St. Luke’sRead More

Why you should care about the religious right

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court heard arguments on a lawsuit challenging a federal law that requires businesses to allow people to pay for contraceptives with their own money.It was the latest in a series of battles that have raged in recent years, with religious conservatives winning victories on religious freedom, abortion, and marriage equality.The justicesRead More

Grace theology degree: Students have to do online theological course

An online theological degree can be a daunting prospect for those looking to become ordained ministers.In addition to requiring an online theological curriculum, a theological degree is also required to get a place on a seminary’s online theological semiprofessional faculty.And while most of the online theological programs offered by most seminaries have been relatively straightforward,Read More

Theology school’s online dictionary definition

Online dictionaries are notoriously difficult to use, but now the University of Texas at Austin’s is having a go at its own dictionary.The university’s online Dictionary of Christian Theology, published by the International Christian Theological Association, is a useful resource for anyone trying to understand the meaning of words.The dictionary uses a variety of toolsRead More

How to listen to podcasts

By fourFourTwo, A podcast is an audio file of audio that is played at different volumes depending on the size of the player.This is often used in a podcast to allow for listeners to switch between different programs in order to listen.This allows listeners to listen on a mobile device while using their computer, tablet,Read More

Why Catholics Are Saying ‘Yes’ to Abortion Now and in the Past

Posted by Catholic News Service (CNS) on September 22, 2018 08:02:10The world’s Catholic bishops have announced their decision to allow the procedure to be carried out in all Catholic hospitals by 2021.This decision comes as the Vatican is facing a crisis of conscience over the Catholic Church’s position on abortion.The move comes despite the factRead More